I'll Forget 17

I'll Forget 17

  1. A Feeling So Sweet
  2. All I Wanna Say
  3. Kick In The Head
  4. Light Shines Through Dust
  5. Selfless
  6. My Dreams Are Dark
  7. Glow
  8. It's Not Love
  9. I Was More Than
  10. Yr Heart Is Beating

Mixed by Ali Chant
Produced by Eddie Johnston & Ali Chant
All songs written by Eddie Johnston, except Selfless, written by Eddie Johnston, Daniel McBride, Taylor Groves and Miles Sutton.

Additional instruments by Ike Zwanikken, Grayson Gilmour, Beth Porter, Daisy Chapman, Dave Collingwood & Ali Chant

Recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland by Jordan Mark Stone, STL Audio in Wellington by Troy Kelly, Toybox Studios in Bristol by Ali Chant and at various houses in Wellington by various people

Mastered by Mike Marsh at The Exchange

Paintings by Henrietta Harris, based on photos by Rachel Brandon and Robert Burrowes

Design and layout by Donovan Brien

Thanks to Manu, Partisan, Ike, Miles,
Taylor, Daniel, Ollie, James S, Blink,
Ryan, Jon, Hunter, Katie, Connor and
all my friends & family